Home Remedies To Avoid

An aesthetic doctor is often asked about a variety of home remedies, both weird and wonderful. Here are some not so great home remedy tips that Dr Sonam Yadav suggests you AVOID.

These tips were recently quoted by HealthyWay mag:

1. Scotch tape under the eyes to reduce eye bags.

Some doctors even got on the bandwagon and started preaching this quick fix to eye bags - apply tape, strip and use serum. This technically may work (tape exfoliates, serum hydrates) but harms more. The skin around and under the eyes is delicate; such home remedies are best avoided.Some people use tape overnight to prevent wrinkles. Sorry, it does not work a la Botox. Glue and chemicals galore too. Avoid.

2. The use of a steam iron (used to iron clothes) to straighten one's hair:

This unfortunately is common, especially in rural areas with misinformation. Young women can sometimes try this to straighten their hair at home and subsequently report to the outpatient department with burnt hair (from direct heat) and steam burns to the scalp.

3. The use of tweezers to pluck nose hair:

This is horribly painful and one can wonder why anyone would dare to attempt this. However it does happen, I've had a hairy male patient come by for treatment of terrible painful boils inside the nose from having tried to pluck some offensive nose hair. Waxing with thick black wax as seen on social media poses the same dangers. Trimming with a small pair of scissors or an electric trimmer designed for use in the nose - are safer and recommended.

4. The use of vodka on acne:

This is not only going to dry up the skin and aggravate acne but may also cause a superficial burn and cause long term hyper-pigmentation.

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