Recently launched in India, the premium new products from Allergan: Juvéderm® VOLIFT, VOLBELLA & VOLUMA are part of the Juvéderm VYCROSS® Collection. Allergan makes Botox as well. Only the best, at Juverne.

The new range of  hyaluronic acid-based fillers, are the latest advance in injectables. Here's why the Vycross range is considered the Rolls Royce of dermal fillers today. 

1. Painless treatment: Contain numbing gel

2. Smoother result: Better cross linking for softer natural non lumpy results.

3. Better patient experience: even lower risk of bruising, swelling and down time

4. Longer lasting: thus more cost effective.

Why Vycross Is Special

The products in the VYCROSS® Collection are manufactured using Allergan’s proprietary VYCROSS technology - cross-linking the hyaluronic acid molecules to create a smoother, more efficient filler that allows for a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid to be used.

Many hyaluronic acid fillers use 100% high molecular weight, while the VYCROSS Collection uses 10% high molecular weight HA with 90% low molecular weight HA, creating a smoother filler with smoother results. A smoother filler means that clients are less likely to experience pain and swelling/after treatment, and results are long-lasting and natural.

Juvéderm’s VYCROSS® Collection are among the first hyaluronic acid gel fillers to be clinically proven to remain in the body for up to, and above, a year.

Product Range

Different formulations in Juvéderm’s VYCROSS® Collection available at Juverne:

  • Juvéderm VOLIFT FOR NASOLABIAL FOLDS, CHEEKS, LIPS (17.5mg/ml hyaluronic acid) 
    A hyaluronic acid gel filler, for use in treating deep wrinkles and skin depressions, to improve the contouring to the face and lips, and to restore lost volume. It is injected into the deep dermis or lips with a 30½G needle.

  • Juvéderm VOLBELLA for the LIPS, TEAR TROUGH & HANDS contains (15mg/ml hyaluronic acid) A hyaluronic acid gel filler, for use in treating fine lines, medium-sized skin depressions and for the enhancement and contouring of the lips. It is injected with a 30½G needle.
  • Juvéderm VOLUMA FOR THE CHEEKS, CHIN, NOSE, JAWLINE (20mg/ml hyaluronic acid) A hyaluronic acid gel filler, used for restoring volume to the face, e.g., the cheeks, injected with a 27G needle. 

Clinical Data

(1) A study of 60 patients injected with Juvéderm VOLBELLA into the perioral area (the lips) showed that the HA gel is well tolerated, and has been demonstrated to provide a smooth and natural improvement in lip fullness that lasts for up to 1 year.

(2) Another study of 62 patients injected with Juvéderm VOLBELLA into their lips showed that immediately after injection, at their first visit, 83.6% of participants were extremely satisfied, very satisfied or satisfied with improvement in the lips, which increased to 94.1% and 93.0% of participants with/without top-up treatment at follow-up, respectively.

After injection at the first visit, 61.7% of participants rated the look and feel of their lips as extremely natural or very natural, which increased to 75.0% and 93.0% of participants with/without top-up treatment, respectively.

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