The appeal of a beautiful smile and kissable pout, are universal and timeless.


Beautiful young lips are full, well defined & symmetrical. We excel in instant LIP REJUVENATION to correct thinning, darkening, asymmetry, flattening & surrounding fine lines & wrinkles - in one session. This can be done with or without injections! Treatments are suitable for all ages. Injectables can be done over the age of 18. Results last between 9 to 12 months.

We craft not only a fuller hydrated lip but also create a balanced profile, correct smile asymmetry and make the face more harmonious by subtle tweaks.

This includes correction/enhancement of volume, texture and color. Reversing lines, wrinkles, sagging, lipstick bleeding. Fixing a tired or unbalanced expression gum show, lines around the eyes, patches and scars et al.


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New Vycross Technology 


Immediately before / after a lip lift


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