Bumpy Skin: KP

Wondering what are those odd bumps on your skin may be? // Keratosis Pilaris or KP is an extremely common condition where the pores of skin get blocked by an excessive build up of dead cells. The skin feels rough and bumps may be visiblr. It usually persists even with a good moisturizing routine. KP can be mild and seasonal, or severely debilitating and embarrassing. (I have a handsome male patient who has severe KP on the arms. More than one girl has recoiled on hugging him, he tells me. Whether this is true or not is not important. If a skin condition hampers your confidence or makes you uneasy in social settings, it is worth getting treated.)

Is this a real thing? Why treat it? // As a cosmetic doctor I would like to say that Keratosis Pilaris (KP) certainly isn't fiction. Any condition that makes a person feel conscious / dress differently / lowers self esteem needs to be taken seriously. There are a number of methods available which can help.

How do I treat it? // At home exfoliation (body washes and topical preparations containing glycolic acid and other mild peeling agents) with heavy duty moisturizer (such as those containing ceramides, urea and lactic acid). Stronger exfoliation with clinical microdermabrasion, prescription retinoids, and office based peels do help. Oral isotretinoin (vitamin A) also helps.

Will it ever go away? // The use of the right skin care regimen can give lasting relief although the condition may tend to recur especially in colder months. Changing your skin products according to the weather (heavier rich creams in winter) and adequate exfoliation will keep your issue at a minimum.