The Secrets Of Beautiful Symmetrical Lips And The Math Of Beauty //

Research shows that whether we think a #face is #attractive or not, depends not on #race #age #sex or cultural background, but is hard wired into our being and is actually based on how closely the #features of one’s face reflect the #Golden Ratio of #phi in their proportions.

The Golden Ratio or Fibonacci sequence is a famous mathematical found across the universe, in flower petals and snail shells, galaxies, Greek architecture and hurricanes alike.

#Surgeon Dr. Marquardt analyzed this further and developed a golden ratio #mask. He later patented and used this #mask as a template for determining how a face could be made to approach the golden ratio #proportions and thereby be most #attractive. Interestingly, it was found that #famous #beautiful faces like #Cleopatra,  #Angelina #Jolie, #Johnny #Depp, #Aishwarya #Rai and #Brad #Pitt among others closely fit this mask.



The secret to perfect lips lies in their fullness, projection and proportion. The astounding Golden ratio (also called Phi) makes an appearance in the face and in the lips too. The definition of what is #beautiful evolves and changes with #cultural #trends. At Juverne Clinic we strive to fulfill your personal goals of beauty - whatever they may be. While my personal #aesthetic leans towards #natural #classical #beauty and #rejuvenation, I am skilled in different techniques and use varying products to create #bespoke #looks for patients. What is your definition of beauty?


Which of these #lips are close to your ideal?

What can Lip Fillers do for you:

Deviation from Phi can be corrected with aid of Hyaluronic Acid based Dermal Fillers, to attain picture perfect lips. Thin or asymmetrical lips / fine lines causing lipstick to bleed / marionette lines around the mouth, causing a sad or tired look / smoker's lines / exposed gums while smiling / loss of volume with age / lengthening of philtral column / loss of pout etc and other aesthetic concerns can be corrected with the aid of Hyaluronic Acid based Dermal Fillers.


What we can do for you with Lip Fillers At JUVERNE- Beautiful young #lips are full, well defined & symmetrical. We offer bespoke instant LIP REJUVENATION programs to correct thinning, darkening, asymmetry, flattening & surrounding fine lines & wrinkles - in one session. Treatments may be done with fillers or without any needles using products/devices.

 Bespoke LIP REJUVENATION At #JuverneClinic: Natural. Lush. Cute. Pouty. Voluptuous. Whatever your dream #lips look like. We create them. Correct/enhance volume, texture, color. Reverse lines, wrinkles, sagging, lipstick bleeding. Fix unbalanced smiles, gum show, surgical scars et al.


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