Brow lamination

There’s a new trend rolling out in leading salons worldwide. BROW LAMINATION could give you fuller brows for weeks. But should you do it?

What’s the appeal


Brow lamination is a semi permanent salon based treatment of Russian origin which claims to yield thicker and fuller brows. Marketed as a short term alternative to eyebrow microblading (involves semi permanent tattooing of brow hair).

The process

Eyebrow lamination involves placing a hair straightening solution on the eyebrows and pushing them in an upwards direction so all of the hairs are facing the same way. Once the solution sets, a hydrating serum and a coloring tint are applied on top, to give fuller bushier eyebrows.

Does it last

Brow lamination can take 2 hours & last 2 to 3 weeks initially / 4 weeks after some sessions.

The risks

Same as keratin straightening for scalp hair, or a salon based lash lift, these straightening solutions will need to disrupt the natural bonds in the hair - the chemicals may leave hair brittle / accelerate hair loss. The tint can also look prominent & fake.

The verdict


Dr Sonam Yadav dislikes this trend for it’s fake look and potential skin / hair damage; we recommend brow rejuvenation instead - Brow boosters using PRP & growth factors, for natural, safe results.