Eyebrow Thickening Using PRP Extracts From Blood

Eyebrow Thickening Using PRP Extracts From Blood

Brow beautiful

Beautiful brows frame the face and draw attention to your eyes - poorly shaped or badly groomed brows make the face look awkward.

Scanty eyebrows

Scanty eyebrows can be an issue for some people due to over plucking, medical conditions like thyroid disorders, drug reactions, alopecia or other causes. Scanty or thinned brows can be corrected using:

  1. Makeup: brow pencils, gels and tints aplenty. Pros: Simpler, DIY, reversible. Cons: Expensive products, time consuming. In a pinch a brush of mascara will do.

  2. Microblading: tattooing thicker fuller brows. Pros: longer lasting, saves time in the long run. Cons: irreversible, needs annual/biannual touch ups, costly, poor technique can end up not looking natural. Why we’re not fans of brow blading:

  3. Transplant: Hair transplants work on brows. Pros: good for severe cases of brow loss. Cons: cost, recovery, not suited to everyone.

  4. Growth Stimulation: The use of prescription medication to be applied on the brows can help restore thickness of brows in some cases. Pros: lower cost, easy to perform yourself. Cons: slow process, not suited to everyone.

  5. PRP and Concentrated Growth Factors: Localized injection of natural extracts from the platelets in your own blood (done after numbing of the eyebrows) can help you get thicker fuller brows naturally. Pros: no risk of allergic reactions, natural substances used. Cost effective. Painless. Cons: need 3 to 4 monthly visits to the doctor to see results.


Brow growth boosters

PRP and growth factor concentrates can be used to achieve thicker and fuller eyebrows / beard. At Juverne we only use a world class US FDA approved PRP treatment system. Numbing cream is used to make the procedure comfortable.

More about hair loss:

Home remedy

Researching options but not quite ready yet?

Start with a simple home remedy that possibly works: fill a clean glass bottle with castor oil. Brush lightly on the brows once/twice a day.

Although scientific evidence of how much it helps grow the brows (or the lashes) is limited, the oil will certainly condition and give you silkier brows.

Brow lifts and shaping

Have full brows but unhappy with their shape? Here are a few treatments we use to shape brows. No treatment is done alone, but always combined for balanced beautiful results for each patient:

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