Skin Masks

I'm very divided on the use of masks. Here's what I do and don't recommend:

Do this mask:

1. Oily Skin or sun damaged skin: Fresh aloe vera from the garden which has been patch tested on your skin. There are many species of aloe and not all of them are soothing or skin friendly.

2. Freshly reconstituted wet masks: pure sandalwood powder mixed with rose water helps soothe acne and rosacea affected skin. Use once a week at most.

3. Pure ground turmeric mixed with gram flour and Greek yogurt: a popular Indian beauty home remedy, this is brightening but works only when pure ingredients are used and applied once a week at most.

4. Medical formula masks in a tube/tub. Vitamin C, mint and clay, algae and seaweed; good concern targeted masks exist on the market but one must not overuse a product (it can dry out the skin and accelerate the formation of acne.)

What to stay away from:

1. Charcoal based peel off mask.

Overdrying over pulling, these are bad news and can cause serious erosions.

2. Sheet masking everyday:

Filled with preservatives, and limited in their impact, a mask a day may not be what the doctor ordered for your skin.



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