Use Vitamin C

What is Vitamin C?

Ascorbic acid is an acidic substance, which works as an antioxidant - it is an anti aging and skin brightening agent. 


What are the benefits of using it as part of your skincare routine?

Vitamin C is great for prevention of aging, undoing the effects of smoking / pollution / poor lifestyle and fading sun damage. It is an unstable substance and good serums, once opened last only about a month on the shelf, so use it regularly. Investing in a good organic vitamin C serum of 10% or more is worthwhile. Use two to three drops on the face and neck, nightly on cleansed skin.

Is it good for all skin types?

Vitamin C is great for all ages and all skin types. Older skin may need a concentrated potent form while under 30s can use 10-15%. 

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Mark Rothko