Fixing Open Pores

Insider magazine recently quoted Dr Yadav in a piece on skin ccare products that don't deliver on their promise. Excerpt below.

Topical solutions meant to minimize pores and smooth out the complexion, pore refiners can sometimes succeed in streamlining your skin's appearance and eliminating blackheads and pimples … in the short term, at least.

However, pore refiners aren't able to reduce pores to a significant degree, making them more of a temporary fix than a long-lasting solution to breakouts and oily skin.

Dr. Sonam Yadav, owner and medical director of the Juverneaesthetic skin care clinic in New Delhi, India, mentions the top-selling Sebium Pore Refiner from cult French pharmacy brand Bioderma as a particularly ineffective example: "While I love Bioderma, their Sebium Pore Refiner is a let-down. It certainly does not refine pores in the long run, and even in the short term, its effect is minimal. Buy a primer instead [which does the same thing, with added moisturizing benefits]."

If you're interested in a lasting fix for open pores, Dr. Yadav suggests collagen-induction treatments like microneedling, which prompts the skin's natural collagen production and leads to a tightening and rejuvenating effect that reduces the visibility of pores and blemishes.


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