Stem Cells: Controversial

Dr Yadav was quoted in a recent piece on stem cell facials in Organic Authority magazine. Excerpt of comments below:

The Background:

The so called 'penis facial' got the moniker from its alleged use of stem cells from the foreskin of Korean baby boys. A few celebrities have spoken about their fondness of the facial for it's wonderful results on their skin, especially during award season.

Stem Cells are a matter of continual debate, even among doctors and therefore a balanced view must be taken of such claims. Moral issues of the use of such cell lines aside, their efficacy is a matter of debate, and scientific evidence of efficacy is limited.

Stem cells have the property of being able to regenerate and transform into any cell type in the body thus repair a target organ.
When used topically, in creams / serums / facials, the stem cells allegedly repair the skin and trigger a regenerative response.


My Opinion:

  • Stem cell facials - and other stem cell based products - do not work.
  • The ability of a stem cell to survive in a product - going from laboratory to manufacturing to retail and then on a patient's shelf, is highly suspect. Even if it were able to survive, the ability to penetrate the skin and then to exert the cited effect is not yet known. Several reputed doctors and scientists have stated the same on record and while stem cells are an exciting possibility, there is currently not enough plausible evidence to show that they may actually work in this desired manner.
  • What is known to work are topical retinoids; and clinical treatments that actually do reach the dermis and trigger a measurable verifiable healing response with visible immediate and long term results - such as microneedling and radio frequency. My favorite in fact combines the two - microneedling RF is a USFDA approved celebrity favorite rejuvenation tool.


Author: Dr Yadav, Medical Director, Juverne