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Bearing a child and becoming a mother is a beautiful and enlightening journey that transforms a woman, both mentally and physically. As a cosmetic doctor I do routinely advise patients who are or trying to be pregnant. I also advise and treat New mums for various related concerns.

AESTHETIC CONCERNS: Here's a summary of the commonest things we discuss. If you have a question on something not covered here please email us at As a doctor and as a parent I do understand the process & struggles closely, and do strive to give compassionate & practical advice.

1. Body:

i. Stretch Marks And Surgical Scars: Red and purple when new, white and silvery as time goes by. As a thumb rule, oil and moisturize more than you think you need to during pregnancy. Leave treatments for later (yes products and treatments can fix stretch marks.) As soon as you deliver treat the stretch marks; new marks heal faster with better results. Wait a bit to treat scars. Click here to learn more.

ii. Post Pregnancy Tummy: Loose skin, folds and sagging of the skin, as well as fat deposits can be tightened non surgically even in a single session. My favorite treatment is the UltraFormer - a needle free ultrasound lift which has replaced Thermage in my practice; and we offer other methods too. It improves skin sagging, tummy fat and the appearance of stretch marks and belly button shape. Can be done six months post C sections or sooner post vaginal delivery.

2. Skin:

i. Acne in mother and baby due to the change in hormones in their bodies: A limited number of anti-acne products and treatments are safe and permissible during pregnancy and nursing. Speak to the doctor for a custom prescription.

ii Eczema and itchy rashes: Liver disturbances, pooling of venous blood and changes in hormones cause a variety of itchy rashes in pregnancy/post-partum. Use a soothing calamine and aloe based product but consult a doctor for more.

iii. Nipple and breast health: Chapping, sores, cyst and abscess formation are common. Serious infections need antibiotics and stopping breast feeding. Again, moisturize liberally during pregnancy and between feeds. Learn more about skin care.

iv. Melasma is a typical symmetrical pattern of pigmentation of the skin that is commonly triggered during pregnancy due to hormone changes: also called Chloasma. This is stubborn but treatable. Avoid its appearance by using sunscreen. Explore our unique non laser treatment protocols.

3. Hair:

i. Hair Loss usually starts around six months post partum, in a common pattern called Telogen Effluvium - which can be worsened by nutritional deficiencies. This will stabilize on its own but some serums and supplements can help heal it faster. Mesotherapy & PRP can also be explored. Talk to us.

ii. Unwanted facial hair may reappear even in women who previously had treated their hair. Laser treatment works to treat unwanted hair with long term benefits. Laser can be safely done post partum.

4. Tired / Aged Appearance

i. Dark circles, eye bags and puffy faces are common due to erratic sleep and stress. These can be safely treated with home care and some clinical treatments. Speak to us to explore suitable options.

At Juverne Clinic we offer you 360° support for skin, hair and body concerns during or long after your pregnancy, and advise on mom & baby skincare. We tell you what cosmetics and skin care products are safe when pregnant and what to avoid, how to battle acne, hair loss and stretch marks; how to regain the skin or body you've had or always wanted and more.

Please reach out to us via email at or call 09910912141.

Ultraformer Abdomen
Ultraformer Abdomen
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