THE BROWS have held much attention in the last five years with corrective make up and treatments for the brows being extremely popular - and rightly so.

A well shaped and correctly perched set of brows frames the shape beautifully and gives it character. Note the last bit. Your brows need to suit *your* face at *your* age and give the look / style you want to convey. With age faces and brows change. As does your style. Thus shaping, filling, tattooing or lifting the brows is not a cookie cutter job. This is truly bespoke, and one that needs you to vocalize your style goals.

At JUVERNE, I approach brow shaping and lifts with a combination of art and math. While the female brow does usually sit 1 cm above the brow bone and the male brow at or below the bone, this is a generalization. In beauty and in science, exceptions are the rule and are to be celebrated. Ratios too, do not hold good for everyone. While there is a golden ratio and brow artists do create lovely results using templates, this is over simplifying an important subject.

When your face is looked at in entirety, and then in sections, the brows need to highlight your best features and create a flattering facial shape. This is a good treatment goal, than aiming for whatever is trendy at a given moment. Here are a few treatments we use to shape brows. No treatment is ever done alone, but always combined in unique ways for balanced beautiful results for each patient:

1. BOTOX INJECTIONS - To create a soft arch and relax muscles that pull the eyebrows down.

2. DERMAL FILLER - To correct hollowing of bone with age & to support the drooping eyelid.

3. ULTRASOUND LIFT - To tighten skin and drape sagging eyelids better over the brow bone.

4. RADIO FREQUENCY - To treat the fine lines and wrinkles on the lids, to prevent puckering.

5. THREADS - To create support for the eyelid and create a soft arch by pulling skin upwards.

6. PLASMA LIFT - To tighten the eyelids by simulating a non surgical blepharoplasty surgery.

7.  LASER TIGHTENING - To give gentle stimulation to the fibroblasts for skin tightening.

8. MICRONEEDLING RF - To trigger collagen formation by stimulating the cells in the dermis.

9. LASER HAIR REDUCTION - To reshape the hairline and brows for better facial balance.

10. ASYMMETRY - Correction of different shapes, density and positions of the two eyebrows.

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 BOTOX brow lift


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Ultrasound Brow Lift