Surviving Pollen Season

Hay fever and pollen allergies plague a large number of people at the cusp of changing seasons, giving them a sudden onset of sneezing, itch, scratching and dryness which are worse in the morning.


Here's what helps:

1. Hydration: drink water and sip warm fluids through the day 

2. Moisturizer: coat your skin in a layer of barrier enhancing creams with ceramides and vitamin E. Apply on damp skin just after a bath and reapply at bedtime.

3. Eyes: wash well around the eyes and use a thin lotion to moisturize the upper and lower eyelids. Pollen can collect in the skin folds and cause itching and swelling around eyes.

4. Hair: keep hair covered if possible and wash more often to get rid of the allergens which get trapped in your hair and on your scalp and persistently trigger allergies.

5. Nose: line the lowest part of the inside of the nose with petroleum jelly or balm to prevent entry of pollen particles deeper.

6. Medication: consider taking an oral anti histaminic tablet every morning for the duration of pollen season, after meeting with your doctor for an assessment. 

7. Avoidance: If you can, stay indoors during the peak pollen hours (early morning is usually the worst) and check local weather reports for pollen index.

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