Patients often wonder which laser we use and which one is best for their skin. The answer lies in laser physics and skin structure. Allow us to simplify and sum up:

1. There are many many different kinds of lasers, some that cut steel, others that treat eyes. Even for skin there are several. Laser is just a focused beam of light. Different types of light have different effects on structures inside the skin.

2.  At Juverne we use various lasers for different treatments. For Hair Reduction we use a USFDA Approved diode laser. The Three main kinds used for hair reduction are Alexandrite / Diode / Nd:Yag.  IPL is not a laser at all but Intense Pulsed Light.

3. Lasers for laser hair reduction are trying to weaken and kill the growing cells in the hair root. Thus which laser you should use depends on your hair color and skin color.

You can check your skin type!



Effective for lighter skin tones, best suited to those at the lower end of the Fitzpatrick scale (I to II); NOT suitable for darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick scale III-VI). They can cause changes to your skin's pigment and be more painful. Indians thus to avoid this.


Diode laser is better for darker skin (Fitzpatrick scale IV-VI) and works safely and effectively.


Nd:YAG is effective on all skin tones, including Asian and Afro-Caribbean skin (Fitzpatrick scale III-VI), for which other systems are ineffective and can be unsafe. But this laser is often slower, more painful.

What should you choose?

Choose a doctor you trust and a therapist you like, using a device that's USFDA Approved. Laser treatments need the correct energy and technique every single time. Laser hair reduction is a fast, effective, painless and affordable method for personal grooming and hair reduction.

Diode and Nd:YAG lasers are safe for darker skin and also very effective in clearing ingrown hairs. Learn more at: