Dr Sonam Yadav, MD Juverne featured in Dainik Jagran speaking about preparing your skin for playing Holi and taking care of it after - read for tips:

Is Your Skin Prepared to Take the Holi Onslaught? HOLI can take a heavy toll on the health of your skin and there is usually an annual spurt in reports of skin irritation and allergies after the festival. The possibility of allergic reactions, skin damage and breakouts increases with the onslaught of colors, the intense rough washing that follows and the excesses of unhealthy eating. People who escape major skin irritation could still manifest dry, dull and damaged skin. The following tips would help ensure your skin is well hydrated and Holi-ready.

Nourish Your Skin Well in Advance:

Your skin needs to be in the best of health to be able to withstand the onslaught of Holi festivities. Dry skin is more prone to damage and allergic reactions, thus it is imperative to keep it hydrated. Avoid bathing with very hot water which dries out skin, and use a few drops of body oil every morning on damp skin after your bath. Over the face and neck, use a moisturizer suited to your skin-type followed by sunscreen. Rich creamy moisturizers should be used after hand washing and over the whole body at bedtime.

Visit a Dermatologist:

It would be advisable to schedule dermatologists’ appointments for a week before Holi for proper skin assessment and advice on products to use or avoid. For a quick boost, rejuvenating treatments such as medical facials, deep hydration with Juvederm Refine and Voluma liquid lifts may be safely done a week before one heads to a Holi party. It is recommended that exfoliation and laser skin treatments be avoided the week after Holi, given the recent exposure to all manner of colors, chemicals and often, harsh cleansing. Especially in case of allergic reactions, it is imperative to treat the condition, wait for resolution and avoid harsh products or cosmetics for approximately 15 days.

Combat Seasonal Irritations:

The month of March, along with the festival of colors, heralds the change of seasons. Amidst weather transitions, there is an increased incidence of skin reactions, including dermatitis, aggravation of acne, patchiness, irritation and dryness. Corrective customized medical facials may be done under the supervision of a dermatologist, followed by deep hydration with hyaluronic acid based fillers like Juvederm, for a glow.

Drink Plenty of Water:

Adequate water intake is crucial for overall health. Dehydrated skin looks sallow, wrinkled and patchy, and is more prone to break-outs and skin reactions. Start making a conscious effort to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day, especially a week before Holi. Staying hydrated would guard you against the rising temperature, especially on the day of Holi when one expects to spend much time outdoors.

On Holi Day:

Whenyou prepare to step out to play Holi, adopt the following measures:

Stay Covered:

Wear full sleeved, high necked clothes that leave very little skin exposed. Cover yourself as much as possible to minimize contact with colors.

Coat Your Skin:

Applying a layer of oil or thick creamy moisturizer all over your skin creates a protective film on your skin. Use a lip balm or petroleum jelly over your lips.


Don’t forget the sunscreen:

You would be outdoors playing Holi for several hours. Do not forget to cover the layer of oil or moisturizer with a sunscreen.


 Protect your hair:

It is advisable to use a thin layer of conditioner or oil on the ends of your hair and if long, to tie it neatly to keep it off your face and to limit chemical exposure.


Guard your nails:

Cover your cuticles in petroleum jelly and paint nails with a protective base coat. Be mindful that color particles may get trapped behind nails and cause irritation.


Act Quickly:

If you experience irritation or itching at any point of time, immediately rinse the area with cold water, pat dry and moisturize. A soothing agent such as calamine lotion may be applied. If this doesn’t help, make an appointment to see a doctor. 


Cleanse Gently:

When washing off color post-Holi, be gentle with your skin. First, dust off all dry color, and then wipe off with a soap free cleanser. Rinse well several times with cold water. Use a gentle soap or body wash, avoiding any strong washes, scrubs or loofahs even on remnants of color. Rinse, shampoo and condition your hair. Moisturize well post-bath and use a preservative free sunscreen.


Let Your Skin Recover:

Avoid scheduling salon treatments or using home remedies such as scrubs, face masks, bleaching or waxing for a week. Minimize use of cosmetics for a week.