Permanent Concealer

When beauty insider guide Beauticate published a piece on the newest trend in cosmetic tattoos Dr Sonam Yadav had to dig further. Here's what she thinks:

Permanent concealer is pretty much like permanent lip color or brows or eyeliner. In this case the pigment being introduced into the skin is lighter than skin (white ink) to make the area seem lighter by reducing the shadow effect that causes dark circles.


1. May work for a short while for some people when done by an expert artist.


1. Not permanent: Like any tattoo, this will fade and need periodic touch ups. 

2. Not even: The area with ink may look patchy as normal aging occurs under the eyes (fat loss, skin thinning will happen) and it is hard to predict patterns of change. 

3. Not for everyone: Like any tattoo this procedure will have risks of transmission of infections, complications in amateur hands. Also the ink is a foreign body that can cause reactions in sensitive persons.

4. Lack of expertise: The procedure is extremely new and there will be a learning curve even for trained technicians. The under eye area is extremely tricky and there are less than a handful of persons worldwide currently doing this.

The verdict? Not impressed yet.

The alternative? Make up or under eye fillers. Safer, effective and understood well.

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. You know the old adage: between fast, cheap and good, you can only pick two at a time. Extending that to beauty, we find that the only things to be trusted are: science & rationale.

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